TRX Barre

(TRX / Barre)


TRX Barre is a class that incorporates the most effective body weight exercises that will help strengthen your muscles, boost your metabolism and burn tons of calories. TRX and other pros are used to get your heart pumping and mind engaged.


Barre Bootcamp



Barre Bootcamp delivers the best results in toning and sculpting in this highly effective 60 minute class.  The routines have been fine tuned to deliver the best results based on the best the Barre has to offer. Light weights are used to sculpt the arms. Challenging floor work will help you gain strong abs, glutes,  and legs.  



Mat 50

(Group Pilates)

Mat 50 is a progressive Pilates mat class with added props: magic circles, bands, and light weights to mix up your routine and add resistance – important for bone density.